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Free Beaches Inc
The best things in life are free! Have you experienced the benefits and pleasures of sunlight, air and water on your whole body - in the wide expanse of nature?
Free Beaches New Zealand Inc is a nation-wide, family-friendly incorporated society. Our aims are enjoyment, responsibility, solidarity with others of like mind, and:-
  • to promote naturism in healthy activities

  • to protect the rights of skinny-dippers and beach naturists

  • to foster public acceptance and respect for the concept, practice and etiquette of clothes-optional recreation at beaches and other appropriate locations.

Free Beaches New Zealand Inc is the society which exists in order to defend the rights of skinnydippers, beach naturists and all people young and old, who love to "go natural" in the great outdoors. Wearing wet togs is unpleasant and unhygienic. Young children love to run around naked. So do you, and we defend your right to do so, without giving offence to others. Membership for the whole family or a couple is ($40) or for a single person it is only $35 a year. 

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