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Dear Friends,

Christmas is fast approaching, and I wish you all the compliments of the season. 1988 has been a very busy year, but very satisfying. Our efforts to publicise the Free Beach Group have been quite successful, and the effects may be considerably more far-reaching than we had contemplated. On the morning of Monday, 28 November, I did a Radio Pacific talk-back, a first for me, and those listening were very pleased with the way it came across.

On the morning of Monday, 28 November, I did a Radio Pacific talk-back, a first for me, and those listening were very pleased with the way it came across.

The article sent to newspapers throughout the country had reporters phoning John and Fran all day (and all night, sometimes!), and was also passed on to the radio network, with John and various sun club representatives being interviewed on radio.

The current issue of N.Z. Listener, 17 - 23 December, carries our advertisement on the Marketplace page, and all the public libraries in the country have been sent a copy of our Information Sheet for their notice boards, although we cannot oblige them to display it. Spare copies of the Information Sheet are available for members, just let us know if you want one.

It has been very gratifying to have your renewals come in so promptly, it has enabled us to go ahead with all our plans for the new season without breaking the bank. This newsletter goes out with a new mailing list, a total of 212 membership units, of whom 140 are listed in the Members' Directory. I was interested to note that we have members in such far-flung places as Canada, U.S.A., Samoa and Australia.

The summer season is coming along nicely, with two successful camping weekends and a number of beach days already behind us, and the best still to come.

We had a super weekend at Uretiti, brilliant weather. The first thing I did was to go to sleep on the beach and get sunburnt. Wonderful. The fishing was good, snapper, kahawai, parore and two kingfish, all good eating when fresh from the sea. The Kaipara camp went well also, and another is planned for the end Of March.

A break-up party was held at Rickard's on Friday, 25 November, with over sixty people attending, the best turn-out we've had for a couple of years. The supper was devoured with great relish - so much so that our hosts had to put on some more, while many members and friends also enjoyed a meal from the Chinese takeaway bar. Most of all it was great to see a number of old faces. The complex is now under new management and many improvements have already been made, so do come along on the opening night for 1989, 24 February, 6 - 10 p.m. Adults $4.50, children $2.80.

Many thanks to our hosts the Hibiscus Coast Sun Club for a tremendous party night.

Please note that I have changed my telephone number. From now on you will get me on 09-881-601. I will be away between Christmas and New Year, as I am going to the NZNF Annual General Meeting as official Free Beach Group representative.




(Our Sunday evenings at the sauna have come to a sudden halt with the termination of the lease on 16 December. Clive Green's has been home to the Free Beach Group for many years, and it is with great sadness that we have finally closed the doors. Tom wishes to thank all members for their support during the time he has been running the sauna for us, and we all give Tom a big THANK YOU for being there and looking after everything. So far, we have not found another sauna for next year - all suggestions welcome.




We are invited to join sun club members for an evening barbecue at Murray Glade, 755a West Coast Road, Oratia, on 5 February, after our Hula beach day. Bring your own food and barbecue, also BYO refreshments. A warm welcome is assured.






Clubhouse opening and 21st Birthday Party are to be held at the club grounds over Anniversary Weekend 28 - 30 January. Accommodation is available at $5 per night, a barbecue dinner at $9 each, and a champagne breakfast for $3. There will also be a pot luck dinner, take a plate. Those interested in attending this function please write to the Waikato Outdoor Society Inc., P.O.Box 619, Hamilton before 1 January. Bookings close 9 January, 1989.




Our own annual bush holiday will be held. at Anniversary Weekend, from Wednesday 25 January to Tuesday 31 January 1989. We always have a marvellous weekend, and will be looking forward to meeting many new members. Spare forms are available from Jim - don't forget to book!




TRIP: Another special event for all FBG members to enjoy themselves, to be held again over Waitangi Weekend 1989. Full details were given in your last newsletter. If you missed out, extra copies are available from Jim. Make sure you get your bookings in on time - closing date for deposits 15 December. Ring Adele if you have missed out TG 56-468.




Those who ordered a 1988 Beach List have received it with this newsletter. All new members are given a copy of the current beach list when they join, but from now on, you will only receive a new one if you order it on your Yellow Form. The beach list will be updated on a continuous basis, so please ring me or write in with any details that need changing, or any new places you can recommend. Because there were so few suitable photos submitted for our competition this year, most of the photos in this 1988 beach list are from my own collection. Next year, I hope to have lots of black and white photos and drawings to replace them. Please send in any you have, as we may be reprinting it quite soon.




This is a confidential list of those members who wish to contact others who share their interests, for arranging outings,social activities and transport. A few people have still not sent in their Yellow Forms, and may not be included. If you would like to be in the Directory, let me know, as I will be typing up a Supplementary Directory with the next newsletter.




Remember the little posters we printed last year? These are for you to carry in your beach bags, to give people on the beach. Get some from Jim or myself.




The video is slowly doing the rounds, too slowly actually, because people are keeping it longer than a week. Please return the video promptly, as others are waiting for it.




We have printed Fred Bears on 2" ribbon. You can buy them separately at 50 cents each, and use them to sew onto things, or you can buy it by the metre, with 12 bears standing on top of each other, for $5 per metre. Order from Jim.




Prices are going up, and these are now $4.50 each. We still have a few small flags at $3 each. Order from Jim.




Our new bumper stickers are now ready, and are $2.50 each. Order these from myself or Jim.




We still have a supply of these in sizes 2 - 12, at $5 each. Order from Jim.




The telephone contact numbers given with each diary entry are for the committee member who is responsible for that particular trip. Ring if you need assistance with transport, further directions for finding the place, or to check that someone is going if the weather is doubtful. If the member listed cannot go, someone else will be there (we hope).




Doug Ball has written an article about the Free Beach Group which may be printed in the next issue of this magazine. The latest N.Z. Naturist contains an article about Auckland beaches which may interest you. Anybody with a story to tell is invited to send it in to the Naturist - some of you will have seen Tony Davis' story of his young days in the last one. Have a go!






Another evening of dining and wining is planned for either 11 or 18 March, and we welcome suggestions as to where to hold this event. Details will be included in your next newsletter, due out about the middle of February. The April Waiwera trip will not go ahead, but we are cooking up something else instead. Watch out for it!




Very little news since our last newsletter, and I am wondering how the Ruatiti Domain camp went (or didn't, as the case may be). We are getting a good number of enquiries from country people as a result of our newspaper article, which was printed in a number of papers around the North Island. Capital Times gave us a half-page photograph to go with it, and we were so impressed we are sending a letter of appreciation. Remember the Fernland Hot Pools in Tauranga, Fridays 6 January and 3 February. The pools are on the Cambridge Road, and are well sign-posted. For details ring John Trotter TG 64-203.




Our little Fred Bear has been in the wars. One member wrote in: "I strongly dislike the Fred Bear motif, which is worse than an advert for Shrewsbury, and gives us a silly image. Leave Yogi Bear in Yellowstone Park!"

A few days after this letter arrived, I was at Beaurepaires getting a puncture fixed, and Debbie pointed out a big sign on the wall. There was our very own Fred Bear, large as life, grinning hugely, and as black and yellow as he has always been, advertising Bear Electronic Wheel Alignment. Stolen!

The story of Fred Bear goes like this. Once upon a time there were three bears, Father Bear, Mother Bear, and Baby Bear. Now Father Bear had a thick, warm fur coat, and Mother Bear had a thick, warm fur coat, but Baby Bear didn't have any fur at all. He was threadbare, and that is what he called himself: 'Fred Bear'. It is a fact that bear cubs are born both blind and hairless.

When the Free Beach Group was formed, Fred Bear was chosen as our motif, and his picture was enlarged from a school-teacher's rubber stamp. To me he portrays an image of playfulness, of being carefree, friendly, relaxed, and totally innocent. Having a motif, a logo, is all the rage these days, and our cheeky little bareskin is quite appropriate.

So what do you think? Would you like to have a go at designing another sticker for the group?

About the same time, another member wrote in: "I wondered if there could be an improvement made to our tee shirts. I feel some written print on the back would aid in getting the message across, for example 'Go nude', just something to show that free beaches and nudity are associated with Fred Bear".

Anyone for a slogan competition? I've thought up an entry already. We'd like to hear your views on this. But just a warning - the tee shirt print is now $3.50 per shirt, and the screen costs $45, so it will make them more expensive.




Married couple, no children, sun-worshippers, into sailing, fishing, beaches, barbecues, wining and dining, would like to meet a couple with similar interests, 27 - 37, to share these interests and social activities. Please phone John or Linda 873-696 evenings and weekends.




Could any member who can help with transport to Ngatuhoa please contact Jim.

COMMITTEE:   John Riggir 565-219   Tony Wilson 679-726
    Jim Peddieson 559_730* Ask for Jim   Fran Riggir 565-219
    Adrianne Caldwell 881-601   Tom Lewis 418-1890
    Bay of Plenty contact Adele Stevenson TG 56-468



"Today well-lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness, and, every tomorrow a vision of hope."

    Christmas Greetings to you all.    







Fred Bear


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CHRISTMAS CAMP AT URETITI: Christmas Day to Sunday 15 January. Glorious ocean beach, cosy camping spots among pine trees, swimming, sunbathing, walking, fishing and loafing - that 's us at Uretiti. From State Highway 1, 6 km north of Waipu and 1 km north of the golf course, turn into the Uretiti Beach Recreation Reserve camping ground. Water taps, flush toilets, cold showers, fireplaces. No dogs. Supplies at Ruakaka, 3 km further north. Contact: John or Fran 565-219 before Xmas.

BEACH DAY AT HUIA, EMIEL'S BEACH: Monday 26 December. High tide 1.06 p.m. Boxing Day. From Titirangi, follow signs towards Huia, turn left at sign to Huia Point Lookout. Track entrance 200m along on left, in corner of grassy area. Contact: Adrianne 881-601.

BEACH DAY AT POHUTUKAWA BAY: Sunday 1 January. High tide 2.47 p.m. Park at the far end of Long Bay ARA Regional Park, walk north around two points to the second beach along. Track above cliff if tide is in. ARA bus from top of Victoria Street West, City. Contact: Tony 679-726.

BEACH DAY AT LADIES BAY: Monday 2 January. High tide 3.33 p.m. From St. Heliers, drive up Cliff Road (one way). Signpost at path to beach. Overlooked by viewing platform.

BEACH DAY AT ST. LEONARDS BEACH: Sunday 8 January. High tide 8.38 a.m. From Takapuna, drive south along Lake Road, turn left into St. Leonard's Road, park at end. Go down steps to beach, walk south. Please take your beach flag. We have been told that the Ranger does not work in the weekends.

BEACH DAY AT LITTLE PALM BEACH WAIHEKE: Sunday 15 January. High tide 2 p.m. Beautiful little beach with lovely clear water for swimming. Catch a Waiheke ferry from the wharf by the Ferry Buildings at 8 a.m. 10 a.m. or 12 a.m., returning at 3 p.m. 5 p.m. or 7 p.m. Adult fare $17.50 return, child 4-14 $8.50, under 4 free. Bus fare from wharf to Palm Beach adult $2.80, child $1.40 each way. At Palm Beach walk left around the rocks. Contact: Adrianne 881-601.

SNORKELLING TRIP TO GOAT ISLAND: Sunday 22 January. Low tide 2.48 p.m. Explore this fascinating underwater world of fish and seaweed, and experience the exhilaration of underwater nudity. Or just laze on the beach and watch us! Goat Island is a Marine Reserve just south of Pakiri. From State Highway 1, turn east at Warkworth, follow the signs to Leigh, continue 2 km north, turn right at sign to Goat Island Beach. Camping ground at Whangateau, just before Leigh. Contact: Adrianne 881-601.

BEACH DAY AT POHUTUKAWA BAY: Sunday 29 January. High tide 1.20 p.m.

See directions for 1 January.

BEACH DAY AT PAPAMOA: Monday 30 January. High tide 1.42 p.m.

Those of us who go to Ngatuhoa will be spending the day on the beach at Papamoa. From Tauranga, follow signs towards Mt. Maunganui, then after crossing the railway line, turn right into Girven Road. Near the beach turn right again into Maranui Road at sign to Paparnoa. Go 2 km, past the Bay Park Raceway, and park just before the houses start again. Track over sand hills to beach. Walk west, away from the houses.





BEACH DAY AT HUIA, EMIEL'S BEACH: Sunday 5 February. High tide 10.15 a.m. See directions for 26 December. Remember the barbecue at the Auckland Sun Club afterwards - details in the newsletter.

BEACH DAY AT KARIOITAHI: Monday 6 February. High tide 11 a.m.

Something for those who live in South Auckland. From Waiuku, turn left at Sign to Karioitahi, 8 km to beach. Walk south 20 minutes. Contact: Bernard Holibar 085-87973.

BEACH DAY AT TAWHITOKINO: Sunday 12 February. High tide 1 p.m.

From Clevedon follow signs to Kawakawa Bay, drive on through the Kawakawa Bay Coast Road, past the boat club ramp, and go to the end of the road. Walk east around the rocks then go up the ARA track beside the stream. No access two hours each side of high tide. Contact: Adrianne 881-601.

BARBECUE AT MELLONS BAY: Saturday 18 February. High tide 6.52 p.m.

Anyone for a nude swim by the light of the silvery moon? Bring your barbecue, your sausages, and a little of what you fancy, and COME TO THE PARTY. From Howick, go down Mellon's Bay Road to the second car park at the bottom, by the shop. Walk to the right hand end of the beach, about 5 minutes walk. Contact: Adrianne 881-601.

BEACH DAY AT HUIA, EMIEL'S BEACH: Sunday 19 February. High tide 10.30 a.m. See directions for 26 December.

OPENING NIGHT AT PARAKAI TOURIST COMPLEX: Friday 24 February. 6 - 10 p.m. This is the new name for Rickard's. Last pool complex on the left as you go through Parakai. Adults $4.50, children $2. Hosts: Hibiscus Coast Sun Club.




Friday, Saturday and Sunday 24 - 26 February. High tides 2.20 p.m. and. 2.40 p.m.

Have your To Beach hot swim, then come on out for the weekend. From State Highway 16, turn left at sign for Parakai and follow the main South Kaipara Road 34 km to where Trig Road turns off on the left. Turn right and go 1.8 km to farm gate. Turn right into farm entrance over cattle stop, between concrete side walls. Drive 1 km down to parking area at beach. Water taps, pit toilets. A donation of $10 per vehicle, PER NIGHT, please. No dogs. Contact: John or Fran 565-219.


DEADLINE FOR NEXT NEWSLETTER: 7 February, 1989. The March - April newsletter is due out in the last week of February.




Fred Bear




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Wednesday 25 January to Tuesday 31 January 1989


Our annual get-together will be held again at Ngatuhoa Lodge, a camp deep in the bush of the Kaimai Ranges.


Enjoy a holiday of bush walks, sunbathing, river rafting and swimming, waterfalls, flying fox and FBG cricket, plus our Fancy Undress Ball. On Monday we will spend a few hours at Papamoa Beach.


Accommodation is a bunkhouse with 50 comfortable beds, gas cookers, wood barbecues, hot showers, flush toilets, a large fridge, electric lights and one (only) power point. You won't be roughing it! There is plenty of room for tents and camper vans - caravans are not recommended on the forest roads.


You will need to take all your own food, milk and drinks, blankets, pillow, warm clothing for the evenings, torch and insect repellent. Note:- you cannot make toast on the gas cookers.


Access is along 23 kms of bush roads, through two locked gates, and we must travel in a group. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE PLENTY OF PETROL - fill up at Matamata or Tauranga (depending where you're coming from).


We will meet at the top of the hill at the junction of State Highway 29 and Thorn Road, as shown on the map. Watch out for our flag. The trip takes 3 - 4 hours from Auckland.




MEETING TIMES: Wednesday 1 p.m.

Friday 7 p.m.

Saturday 10.30 a.m.


DOGS must have a Forest Department entry permit.


Definitely NO CATS.


CHILDREN must be watched at all times and not allowed to wander. Please take all your empty bottles home with you.


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _





Please print clearly


NAMES ___________________________________________________


ADDRESS _________________________________________________


____ Adults @ %4 per night        Sleeping in lodge _____


____ Children @ $2 per night     Camping on grounds _____


25 26 27 28 29 30 (Circle nights)  Amount enclosed $_____


Make your cheque payable to: Free Beach Group Inc., B.O.P.


Post to Adele Stevenson, 355 Ocean Beach Road, Mt. Maunganui.



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